Social, Community and History

Community Actions

2.15 Medical - lobby for improved access to doctors and medical services locally. Residents should be able to have an appointment either on the day or the day after

2.16 Education - The new Pen-y-ordd Junior school needs to have the capacity for pupils from the village as it is expected to be at the end of the plan period, 2030, not just the capacity for the pupils of today. All of the ward should be able to attend Castell Alun, Hawarden or Elfed as first choice with siblings guaranteed at place at the same school.

2.17 Christmas Lights - The Community Council will provide Christmas lights throughout the villages. This tradition needs to be kept, as long as the Community Council is here and there is a budget.

2.18 Police and antisocial behaviour. More Police presence in the village should be encouraged, particularly around areas where there are repeated instances of antisocial behaviour.

2.19 Develop a bulletin that can be published quarterly for those who don't have the internet. To be made available at local shops etc. Potentially funded from local businesses and to include a business directory.

2.20 Increase awareness of recycling bins and recycling centres in the village and local area.

2.21 Increase the number and frequency of emptying of dog waste bins.

2.22 Standardise the methods of communicating community news via noticeboards at Dobshill, Jemoleys and Wellhouse Drive.

2.23 Create a new website for the Community to include a community directory.

2.24 Create a register of Volunteers - people who are prepared to help in the community when called upon.

2.25 Investigate setting up of community and environment group to manage the maintenance and cleaning/tidying of public areas, including Penymynydd Woods (Prices Hill Wood)

2.26 Maintain links with Hanson Cement for the use of their playing fields.

2.27 Support the protection of the existing tennis courts and bowling green.

2.28 Establish a School / community partnerships with Park in the Past project in Hope

2.29 Schools project to decorate train station - see transport actions