Community Actions

5.08 The community, led by the Community Council, has the following goals to promote diversity, sustainability, and provide effective mitigation against climate change:

5.09 The community will seek to accelerate work with the water utility provider(s) to maintain and improve the provision of water and drainage in the village, and act upon any issues with regards to flooding.

5.10 The community will support the opportunity to expand the network of local green spaces in the village, particularly where the provision of areas where dogs can run freely is provided.

5.11 The community will not support any developments that involve the loss of woodlands, individual trees or significant lengths of boundary hedges, unless adequate compensatory measures are put in place which result in an overall net gain in the quality of the environment in the village

5.12 The community will support and promote the updating of footpath signage and paths, and any initiatives to develop and improve nature and wildlife signposting in and around the village.

5.13 The community will encourage the provision of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) within new developments in order to aid sustainability, take pressure off the existing surface water network in the village and increase biodiversity (with the creation of ponds and swales).

5.14 The community will seek to work with the Council and local schools to increase awareness of littering in the village. The community will also seek to work with the Council for the development of further recycling schemes and provision of an increase number of waste and recycling bins within the village.
- e.g. bottle bins on children’s play space / skate park

5.15 The community will encourage initiatives to provide renewable energy, on the condition that this does not present an adverse impact on the community, in terms of its visual appearance and noise. On this basis, the community will not support the construction of wind turbines or battery storage for mains power in or adjacent to the village.

5.16 The community will support the provision of energy ecient, dark sky and non-intrusive lighting within the village, such as warm LED lighting on footpaths including motion sensitive lighting.

5.17 The community will seek to work with local employers, such as Hanson Cement and Airbus, and committees, to encourage investment in commercial operations and enhancement in noise and dust mitigation and consideration.

5.18 The community will support the creation and maintenance of wildlife areas within and around the village, with the opportunity for the inclusion and participation of local schools.

5.19 The community will seek to work with the Council to take a pro-active approach towards dog waste on local footpaths and green spaces. Effective communication of this approach to the local community will also be encouraged and supported.

5.20 The community would support the County Council in the enforcement of fines for dog fouling offenders.

5.21 Community wildlife day – understand what wildlife we have in the village today
– include photographs on the community website

5.22 A village pond would be desirable