Youth Club Building


The Youth Club building is owned by Flintshire County Council. It was the Penyffordd village school from 1875 - 1972 and is currently used as a Youth Club and for dancing and dog walking lessons. Flintshire County Council have earmarked the building as suitable for Community Asset Transfer and there has been some interest from private companies.

There are Guidance Notes on Community Asset Transfer from Flintshire County Council.

There a good possibilities for using the building as a community centre. The larger rooms could provide additional capacity for the Memorial Institute, which is often over-subscribed. There is the option for a permanent drop-in space with community library, internet access and daytime meeting place.

It could be used for indoor village events, such as film viewings, dementia cafe and so on. It is a place well suited to pre-school nursery and for children’s parties or discos.

The Community Council are putting in place the legal framework, the question is whether the village has the volunteers and uses to take over the running of the building.

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