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Vounog Hill

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The planning committee will visit the site Monday 3rd September at 9:45am. They will vote on whether to approve the application (for 37 houses) on Wednesday 5th September at 1:00pm. The planning authority have recommended REFUSAL of the application. You can view the officers report on the Flintshire planning portal.

In summary, the officers consider that it is an unacceptable incursion into the open countryside and does not naturally extend the build up area of the existing settlement. It is contra to a number of planning policies and should be refused. 

You are welcome to show your support for refusal by attending the site visit on Monday or committee (at County Hall) on Wednesday.

Rhos Road Retirement Apartments

The proposal for 36 retirement apartments was visited by the planning committee in July, but the decision was deferred following changes to planning policy from Cardiff. The original recommendation for approval has since be reviewed in light of those policy changes and the local authority are now recommending REFUSAL. The officers report can be viewed on the Flintshire planning portal.

In summary, the authority believe that since the Redrow and Hawarden Road approvals, the village will have excessive growth, contra to the forthcoming Local Plan and to the current plan. They also questioned the premise of the over-55 plan and how it would work in practice.

Redrow Chester Road

Flintshire planning officers have visited the site, along with an ecologist, since Redrow demolished the old farm building and removed the hedgerows. The assessment is that Redrow were within their rights to start to prepare the site, providing they did not start the development itself. The Community Council have requested an urgent meeting with Redrow in order for a full understanding of their plans and timescales to be shared with residents.

Redrow have also submitted an updated plan, with new house designed and an altered layout to accommodate drainage - this is being reviewed currently and we recommend that if you live close to the site, you check the new plans for yourself. They are available online to view and comment.

Rhos Road (North)

The conditions on this application for 40 houses, including the final layout, are yet to be finalised. It is expected at committee in October.

Hawarden Road

There is no update on the Hawarden Road (32 houses) approved in February at this time.


What Next?

There are 261 new houses to be built in the village as a consequence of the most recent approvals. The most pressing concerns are around the impact on existing residents (as well as new residents to come) for school places and healthcare particularly.

Councillors Williams, Hinds and Wight met with Cllr Attridge (Deputy Chair of FCC) and Mr Farrow (Chief Officer Planning and Environment) last week to discuss some of the consequences. There is a further meeting this week with Flintshire CEO Mr Everett.

The main issues:

School Places
It is clear that Castell Alun is at capacity. What is the plan to prepare it for in the influx of future children from Llay and Penyffordd?

Doctors Capacity
We need to pick up directly with Betsi Calawadar Health Authority to discuss the provision of GP and other local medical services for our increasing population.

Public Transport
The continued reduction in bus services poses a real threat to the employment prospects of our young and the mobility of many more. What can be done to prevent further reductions and return our weekend and evening service?

Affordable Homes
Repeated developments have not had enough affordable homes which has meant increasing numbers of young and elderly residents being forced to leave the community. We must ensure that no further losses are incurred in the future developments, particularly Rhos Road (40 houses) which currently appears to have only 4 'gifted' units in the plan (rather than 12).

Future Applications
There is no protection against speculative planning applications until Flintshire's Local Development Plan is adopted, which is over 18 months away. More applications are expected and we are asking Flintshire to continue to take the line they have with the Rhos Road retirement apartments in refusing on grounds of prematurity.

The next stage of the local plan is the publication of the draft plan in November 18. That will show where houses are proposed, how the settlement boundary will change and where green barrier will be applied. There is a period of consultation once it is published.


Published by Alan Wight, on behalf of the Community Council.


Alan Wight