32 New Houses Approved on Hawarden Road

hawarden road.png

32 new houses will be built on Hawarden Road, opposite Famau View, close to the A550. The building will start within the next 2 years and will include 30% affordable homes and a public open space including children's play space. A new road entrance will allow vehicle access onto Hawarden Road and a footpath through the existing hedgerow will allow access for new residents close to the existing bus stop.

The planning application was originally refused by the Flintshire planning committee in September, 165 letters of objection were received; but following a closed meeting of the committee in December, the local authority withdrew their objections. The applicant appealed the decision in August because Flintshire had not made a decision. The appeal was heard at a Public Inquiry in Mold in January, at which Flintshire County Council offered no defence.

The community was represented by local and community councillors, Alan Wight, David Williams, Roy Wakelam and Cindy Hinds.

The inspectors report can be viewed or downloaded here.

This is the current record of housing growth in Penyffordd:

April 2000 - 1,340 houses
April 2015 - 1,675 houses (including Meadowslea)
Post April 2015:
- Groves - 70 houses
- Others - 11 houses
- Rhos Road - 40 houses (approved not yet built)
- Hawarden Road - 32 houses (approved not yet built)

- Redrow - 186 houses (awaiting appeal decision)
- Rhos Road (South) - 36 apartments
- Vounog - 37 houses (not yet submitted for formal planning)

If all of these are approved, the village will have grown by 56%, mostly since 2008.

We are also awaiting the formal application on Dobshill for 24 council dwellings which we are supporting.

We understand that additional sites have been proposed as part of the last round of Flintshire Local Development Plan consultation, including land off Penymynydd roundabout.




Alan Wight