Youth Club Building

The main 'hall' in the Youth Club - one of 5 spaces in the building.

The main 'hall' in the Youth Club - one of 5 spaces in the building.

A number of residents joined members of the Community Council, the Youth Club leaders and Scout leader at the Youth Club building last night for a chance to reminisce, explore and discuss the future of the building.

At the informal meeting, Cllr David Williams explained the current position of the building.

Flintshire County Council, who own the building, are prepared to transfer the lease as a 'Community Asset Transfer' to community groups or organisations who are interested in taking it on as a project.

An interested party, a martial arts business, has expressed an interest in taking the building on and is progressing those plans with Flintshire County Council. They recently met with Community Councillors and explained their plan to use the main hall and leave the remaining spaces for the Youth Club and Clockwise dance school (the existing users).

If the community want the building to be preserved for the community, then it will be necessary for volunteers to come forward with ideas, time and expertise to run it - as other communities have done successfully.

The building is currently used for two nights a week by the Youth Club (who have around 200 kids signed up with typically 30-35 attending on an evening). There is also the Clockwise Morris Dance group who meet there once a week. 

The building has heating, double glazing and 5 working rooms as well as a kitchen and toilets.

This building is one of the remaining pieces of the village heritage. It was built in 1875 and closed as a school in 1972 when the new school on Penymynydd Road was built. It served the village through the two World Wars and welcomed evacuees in the second of those. It was the first school for many who live in the village today and have fond memories of it.

The Community Council will be discussing their potential role at the next Community Council meeting in December.

In the meantime, this is the document at Flintshire County Council which explains what is involved in Community Asset Transfer:

Alan Wight