New Council Houses

Flintshire County Council are exploring the potential to develop the old Council Depot Site at Dobshill and are currently undertaking site investigation works to ascertain ground conditions - the land is believed to be contaminated and will need to be treated before building work can start.

They are currently proposing a 100% affordable housing scheme which will comprise of a mix of 24 Council and Affordable Rent properties.

The proposed breakdown still needs to be approved by the Council (expected in January 2018):

Council Mix:

2 NO. x 1 Bed apartment

4 NO. x 2 Bed apartment

2 NO. x 2 Bed Bungalow

5 NO. x 2 Bed House

2 NO. x 3 Bed House

1 NO. x 4 Bed House.

2 No. Adapted Bungalows


Affordable Rent

3 NO. x 2 Bed House

3 No. 3 Bed House.

The proposed mix has been based on need using the Council’s Single Access Route to Housing (Council Housing register), Affordable Housing Register and the Specialist Housing Register.