By-Election - why you need to vote!


On Tuesday 6th February there is a by-election for our local Welsh Government Alyn and Deeside Member, the seat left vacant by the untimely death of Carl Sergeant.

If you were thinking that this is not as important as a General Election you would be very wrong. Here in Wales, many of the powers held in Westminster are devolved to the Welsh Government.

These include HEALTH, EDUCATION, HIGHWAYS, HOUSING, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT and SOCIAL WELFARE - things that affect us every day. This is a complete list of Welsh Government powers:

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Animals, Plants and Rural Development
  • Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings
  • Culture
  • Economic Development
  • Education and Training
  • Environment
  • Fire and Rescue Services and Fire Safety
  • Food
  • Health and Health Services
  • Highways and Transport
  • Housing
  • Local Government
  • National Assembly for Wales
  • Public Administration
  • Social Welfare
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Tourism
  • Devolved Taxes
  • Town and Country Planning
  • Water and Flood Defence
  • Welsh Language

Having an Assembly Member who understands our needs and concerns and represents us in Cardiff is as important as having an MP to do the same in Westminster.

The Welsh Government is Labour led.
The UK Government is Conservative led.

In the last Welsh Government elections our constituency had one of the lowest turnouts in Wales (just over 35%) - yet we complain about doctors, schools and housing all the time.

These are the candidates (alphabetically). We have extracted from their leaflets what they have said about their background and what they want for our constituency - there is no political agenda, the intention is just to share the candidates and give an insight into their differences.

Sarah Atherton
Ex-Army, District Nurse. Now a social worker specialising in old peoples services.
Worked across Flintshire for 11 years.
Wants to bring back high quality NHS services
Restore right to buy
Getting the best Brexit deal
Free bus travel and discounted rail for 16-24 year olds
Building more affordable homes

Carrie Harper
Plaid Cymru
County Councillor and mum or 2 teenagers
In politics for 10 years fighting housing over-development in NE Wales
Wants to improve people's quality of life
Putting the needs and agenda of communities at the top of the agenda
Fairer distribution of wealth and resources across Wales

Donna Lalek
Welsh Liberal Democrats
Lived in Broughton since age 3 (from Connah Quay), qualified Barrister and teacher, working at a bank and a volunteer teacher.
Broughton Community Councillor
Fighting for a fair share of funding
Wants to protect local jobs
Add 1% to tax for the NHS
Improve public transport
Wants to stop housing developers land banking

Duncan Rees
Wales Green Party 
Duncan has lived in NE Wales for 23 years. Volunteers in local groups.
Previously worked for Co-op and Oxfam
Wants to electrify the Wrexham-Bidston railway
Wants fairer funding for community services

Jack Sargeant
Jack is an engineer and former apprentice (from Connah Quay and son of the late Carl Sergeant). 
Wants to secure jobs and training opportunities
Will hold a jobs and prosperity summit within 100 days
Will always fight for investment in education

Please use your vote.


Alan Wight